the gals! 

"I am looking younger, the older I get"

All the gals at Katie Lawrence +Co are wonderful! I have been seeing them for all my beauty needs for well over a year now, it doesn’t matter who I see I’m always in good hands! My skin has never looked so good! I am looking younger the older I get! Highly recommend to everyone I meet!

- Bec

we've got you! 

Beautiful Salon, Wonderful team, friendly, professional and highly skilled.

- Sarah

How it works


Make the decision that you NEED bright, glowing, radiant skin in your life.


Accept that it won't happen over night, that it is a journey and similar to a training session.


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i trusted katie and followed her advice

and my expectations have always been exceeded!

"My skin has never looked so good."

I have been having treatments at Katie Lawrence + Co for the past year. The salon is beautiful, calming and always clean.
The girls are all wonderful, professional and make you feel so welcome.
My skin has never looked so good and my expectations have always been exceeded. I have received results much better than I thought even possible.
One of the best decisions I made was trusting Katie and following her advice.

- Jokima


FRUSTRATED BY your skin...

If your skin is feeling dull and flat, maybe dry and flakey OR it just won't stop breaking out. We have the solution for you.

OVERWHELMED by all the facial options...

I know the menu can seem overwhelming with all the facial options to choose from. Where do you start? Always start with an ENZYME! An Enzyme will achieve results the quickest! 

NOT SURE HOW TO book online....

Not quite sure how to make your booking online. Thats ok, call the Salon on 0431 119 359 or email and we'll book it for you.

The results


Smoother complexion.

brighter skin.

firmer appearance.

feel confident.

coming into a salon where you feel welcomed + loved.

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keeley hamilton

"I just showed Mum
and she cried"

Freaking incredible!!! I just showed mum and she cried! Thank you so much for everything and being so supportive. I'm very excited for the next few months to come. 

ashleigh nolan 

"Katie and her team offered me a skin care regime that I could not say no to."

I was first introduced to Katie by my friend when I felt I had no other option than taking intense medications to try and treat my cystic acne. I had tried EVERYTHING by this point. 

Katie and her team were so welcoming during the consultation period. They listened to my concerns and offered me a skin care regime that I could not say no to.
I started seeing results just from using DMK skin care products, which eliminated my acne. 

I was extremely excited for the next phase, which consisted of intense treatments that worked on repairing my skin after the damage that cystic acne caused me over the years.

My results speak for themselves. 

This could be you....

Helina de winter

"I went from barely paying my bills to quitting my job and traveling the world."

I had a whole lifestyle change, reduced my stress levels, started meditating and Katie has these amazing 'relax' tablets (all natural) that helped me get a better sleep. I quit my job, made better choices with my food and started booking in for Enzyme treatments. My skin made a drastic turn. 

- Keeley

- Helina 

- Ashleigh


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Not everyone is the right fit for us, but when you find your skin tribe - LOVE THEM HARD AND NEVER LET THEM GO!

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- melissa

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”