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I couldn’t help but wonder, if I’m up late watching Sex and the City on a weeknight, why do I feel so crappy the next day?

A genius once said that the secret to your success lies in your morning routine. There’s never been something that’s stuck with me so profoundly. It was one of those sayings that when you first hear it, everything else starts to make sense. 

So many of us spend so long thinking about the kind of person we want to become, what their morning looks like, how they get out of bed for the day. What we forget is that we are that person, and each day we have a choice; so now’s the time to start showing up as her.

Daily Future Self Journaling
When you start showing up as your future self, you feel like a bit of a faker - like you girl bossed a little close to the sun. It’s because there’s a part of you that’s still attached to your old habits and they simply won’t let go. A wonderful guide on this journey is Dr. Nicole LaPera. You may have seen her insight on Instagram as The Holistic Psychologist or read her debut book (the one that everyone’s talking about), How To Do The Work. She’s centred so much of her work around the psychology of showing up as the person you want to be; and in doing so, you shed your limiting beliefs and rewire your thought processes. All by daily journaling. It’s hugely profound stuff, and if you use it just right, it might change your life.

Long Walks Are The Most Underrated Exercise
Gone are the days of thrashing your body for the summer. Exercise should be a way to make you feel good - so exercise consciously and in a way that nourishes your body, mind and soul. Somedays, that might be waking up to get to the earliest F45 class, other days, it might look like waking up with the sun and going on a long walk with a coffee and a podcast (my favourite at the moment is something beauty related). And while you’re at it, remember to relax by throwing on a mask while lounging in the bath (I love the DMK At-Home Enzymes). Long walks are the most underrated exercise. Take your pooch and frolic by the sea; I promise it feels good.

Waking Up Early Sucks At First
But you learn to love it. At the risk of sounding like a rolodex of quotes, when you win the morning, you win the day. It’s the idea that Robin Sharma loved when he introduced The 5am Club concept more than twenty years ago, and it’s a habit that has the potential to shift so much.

The 5am Club has three core focuses; after rising at 5am, you do twenty minutes of exercise, twenty minutes of planning, and twenty minutes of studying. Some follow it rigorously and others are a little more liberal. But the feeling of a successful morning is unparalleled. Heading out the door for work knowing you’ve already ticked so many goalsA leaves you feeling better than a sleep in almost ever could.

Look Good, Feel Unreal
It’s probably no secret that skincare is a daily habit for me. It’s not always an elaborate routine, most of the time I’m just sticking to what I know and love, but it’s a routine that helps define my day. This goes for everything, but changes don’t happen overnight - I would love it if they did, but that’s not what the universe has in store for us. I recently wrote about how a skincare routine is essential to any juicy glow, you can read it on the blog here, and to be completely honest - it’s the only time I’ve ever seen lasting changes in the skin. I like to make my daily skincare habits a bit of a ritual; in the morning I blast music and do the dorkiest dances you could imagine. In the evening, it’s a moment to wind down from the day. And between friends, it’s my favourite part.

Because these daily habits, when you make them enjoyable, you fall in love with them and you can’t get enough. And then everything falls into place, just as you’ve always dreamed it would.

Do you have any daily habits that have changed your life? Let me know!


How your daily habits change everything

Love Katie xx

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