How to make your skin glow from within

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We all know that girl, the one with the flawless complexion that looks like pure sunshine. We all crave that effervescent, ever-present skin glow - no matter what our skin type is, having the kind of radiance that bounces light is a beauty must in this day and age. The beauty industry knows this too. At some point in your life, you’ve likely been sold a product that makes your skin shine bright, or a facial that promises an everlasting glow - but like our hopes, the glow soon fades, and we’re often left wondering what it is about our skin that’s so wrong.

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with your skin. The secret to a radiant glow isn’t really a magic formula or the gold standard of treatments (although there are a handful that take it to the next level that I can’t wait to share with you). Like anything, the secret of your future lies in your daily routine. And here’s the thing; your beauty routine is just as much about what you’re doing as actually committing to doing the routine itself. So here’s how to shake up your self care ritual to make your skin glow from within.

The Secret To Glowing Skin Is Consistency
As much as it pains me to say, think of your skin like a gym workout. Visiting every now and then will do you some good, but it’s not likely to give you the results you’re seeking. The same goes with seeing a personal trainer - it may be that extra boost that leaves you feeling incredible once in a while, but one session won’t transform you overnight. At the risk of sounding like a motivational coach, you have to stick to a routine and you have to be consistent. Now think of the workout as your daily skincare and skin-nourishing foods, and those monthly PT sessions as your indulgent facial. You’re not going to get fit and healthy by going to the gym once, and you’re not going to get glowing skin from just one enzyme (although it will get you close).

Science of the Skin Glow: What Actually Is It?
Skin is often a fair indicator of what’s happening on the inside. Think of the skin like you would anything else in the human body, it needs the right nutrients for the cells to thrive. That may mean nourishing the body with skin-supporting supplements and foods, or supporting the skin microbiome topically with a considered regime that actually works.

The human skin is the largest organ in the body, covering nearly 1.5-2 square metres, but it’s also often one of the most neglected organs of the body. It acts as a physical barrier between you and the outside world, where it protects your inner workings from pathogens, chemicals, physical agents, and solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation throughout your life. And no matter your colour, age or shape it holds you together in one beautiful package.

Our skin is made up of three layers; the epidermis, which is the outermost layer, the dermis, which contains all the inner workings of the skin, and subcutaneous tissue, a layer of ‘fat’ that provides a protective cushion around your body. These three layers of the skin all play a role in creating essential physiological functions such as immune defence, free radical detoxifying enzymes, antioxidant molecules, thermoregulation, prevention of excessive water loss, production of Vitamin D, and metabolic mechanisms to sustain homeostasis - the ideal state of health. On top of these essential functions, we also need to ensure we’re nourishing our skin for a lasting glow.

The Best Products for Glowing Skin
It’s important to take care when it comes to promises on a bottle. Much of skincare that you’ll find on supermarket shelves is doing more damage to the skin barrier, and stripping the cells of their nutrients, than supporting the skin’s requirements for a glow. Despite their claims of radiance and cleansed skin, they lack few active ingredients and more synthetic fillers that irritate the skin. Salon-quality products like DMK offer 80-90% active ingredients within their products, which means it is able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin to work on the glow at a cellular level.

My product recommendations as a paramedical skin therapist: The best products will differ from person to person, and I would love to help you find yours, but some glowing products we love are: Deep Pore Cleanser, Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum, Foamy Lift Masque, Herb & Mineral Mist, Herbal Pigment Oil, Seba-E and the Soleil Defence SPF50+ - always.

The Power of Plant-Based Ingredients
While it seems like complex chemicals and lab-made ingredients may be the only way to make your skin truly shine, potent plant compounds can be used to do exactly that. Plant-based ingredients gently nourish the layers of the skin, without aggravating the barrier.

Botanical ingredients favoured by gold standard skincare companies include lemon balm, cinnamon, vitamin C, soybean oil, aloe vera and white oak bark. As these are the active ingredients, it means you are delivering natural nourishment straight to the skin, just as it was meant to be.

So How Do You Make Your Skin Glow From Within?
You are beautifully unique, and your skin is too. That means you’re going to see the best results from tailoring a skincare routine that’s perfectly suited to you. This can be done with much trial and error at home, or you can reach out to a skin therapist who works with salon-quality DMK products, as they often offer complimentary skincare consultations like we do here at Katie Lawrence + co. Once you’ve nailed the skincare routine, make sure to nourish your body with skin-loving foods, and book a regular facial for that signature glow only skin gods can show.


How To Make Your Skin Glow From Within

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